• Congressman Jim Jordan

  • First Freedom Ohio

  • We the People Convention

  • National Association of Gun Rights PAC

  • Ohio Right to Life PAC

  • Ohio Value Voters, Inc.

  • Right to Life Action Coalition of Ohio

  • House Freedom Fund

  • Mike Gemperline – Liberty Township Trustee

  • Nancy DeNutte – Liberty Township Fiscal Officer

  • Ryan Rivers – Orange Township Trustee

  • Joe Garrett – Concord Township Trustee

  • Kris Jordan – State Senator

  • Lisa Knapp – Orange Township Trustee

  • Linda Reidelbach – Former State Representative

  • Mark Meadows – House Freedom Caucus Chairman

Melanie impresses us not only with her passion for the unborn but with her life record of giving her time and her treasure to pro-life organizations for years. She will be a strong and unyielding voice for our conservative values in the United States Congress.

– Ohio Right to Life President Mike Gonidakis

Melanie Leneghan is the clear choice for pro-life, pro-family voters in Ohio’s 12th Congressional District.

– Diane Stover, Ohio Value Voters, Inc.

Melanie Leneghan definitely meets our demanding criteria of candidates, and is a consistent conservative.

– Ed Sitter, President The Right to Life Action Coalition of Ohio

Mark Meadows

Melanie is a Christian Conservative, a Constitutional Conservative, and Trump Conservative. She is a fighter who won’t back down.

– House Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows